Men's Grooming Kits

Did you know that 39% of men prioritize beauty and grooming care? Whether it's shaving, skincare, hair growth, or body care, men need proper products for their self-care routines.

But which essentials do you need in Men's Grooming Kits? Continue reading to learn more!

Skin Care

Taking care of your skin is an important step in a grooming routine to help keep your naturally changing face in good condition. All best men's grooming kits will include a variety of skincare products. 

Face Wash

Washing your face should be the first step in your skin-care regime. A proper face wash will remove all of the dirt and residue that sticks on your face throughout the day. 

There are many types of face wash products to choose from. Determine whether you need a specific product if you have sensitive skin or acne-prone skin. You should also consider using products with natural ingredients like green tea and Vitamin C. 

Serums and Toners

Serums and toners can be used as an additional step in skincare to help brighten and strengthen the skin. Apply before your moisturizer to better activate the ingredients. 

Toners are generally used to balance pH levels and tighten your skin. Serums can give your skin extra boosts of vitamins to brighten your skin and target wrinkles and fine lines. The best men's grooming kits will include a toner and/or a serum with hyaluronic acid to help with hydration. 

Moisturizers and Sunscreen

Moisturizers are great for keeping your skin hydrated. Moisturizers help to increase the water content of your skin while also fighting signs of aging. Use a moisturizer after you wash your face to help prevent dryness. 

Sunscreen is also an important step in skincare that many men miss. Sunscreen isn't just for the beach! It's important to keep this product in your grooming kits to help fight sun damage from daily exposure to UV rays.  

In some grooming kits, you can get products that are 2-in-1. Many face washes include a moisturizer and some moisturizers also include sunscreen. 

Combs and Brushes

Another essential item for your grooming kit is combs and brushes. As surprising as this may be, there are differences between a comb and a brush! The main difference is the bristles and what they're used for. 

A comb is used for styling and is generally used when your hair is wet. A comb's bristles are normally farther apart to help detangle your hair from knots. If you want more defined lines when styling your hair, you may want to use a comb with bristles that are closer together to get more precision. 

Brushes are used to gently massage your head and help to stimulate the natural oils in your hair which create a nice shine. Brushes are gentle on your scalp and should be used on dry hair. If you have fine hair, get a brush whose bristles are closer together. If you have thicker hair, get a brush whose bristles are farther apart. 

You can use the same logic for a hairbrush or comb with your beard brush or comb. Use the comb to detangle and style when wet, and use the brush to massage and get that shine. 

Grooming kits for men will always include either a comb or a brush for your hair and/or beard. 

Shaving Tools

When it comes to men's grooming kit essentials, shaving tools are a must. With the right shaving tools, it's easy for men to shape up their looks on a daily basis.

Having a razor in your grooming kit is a great way to stay on top of facial hair maintenance. Choose between a standard razor, a double-sided safety razor, or a miniature personal razor for your grooming kit. 

You could also choose to include an electronic clipper or trimmer in your kit. A good clipper will include a variety of clipper heads for versatility. For a travel kit, be sure your trimmer has a backup battery. 

Beard Care

Did you know that more than half of all men have facial hair? With all of those beards and mustaches, there are just as many products out there to help you take care of your facial hair. Beard health is just as important as skincare and body care. 

Beard Balm

The best beard care product out there is a good beard balm. A beard balm acts as a leave-in conditioner and will help hydrate and moisturize your beard. This will help reduce any itchy or scratchy feeling on your skin. It will also help eliminate frizz.

Beard hair is more prone to becoming dry and brittle. Beard balms can actually help to soften the hair which also prevents the risk of damage and breakage. Any good beard balm will likely include shea butter and essential oils, like Argon oil. 

Beard Oil

In all standard grooming kits for men, you're likely to find a beard oil. Beard oil is one of the most common beard products men will use in their grooming routines. 

Like beard balm, beard oil will help hydrate, maintain, and style your beard. Oil, however, can also help promote beard growth and helps to hydrate and cleanse your skin underneath. The better hydrated your skin is underneath your beard, the healthier your beard will grow. 

Beard Growth

For some men, it's very easy to grow a full beard. For others, it can be more difficult. If you're having trouble growing a fuller beard, there are products that can help you. 

In some of the best men's grooming kits, you'll find a step-by-step beard growth kit, known to re-grow your hair. This kit can consist of growth serums and sprays. You can also take beard growth supplements. These supplements may contain biotin and other vitamins known to help with hair growth and stimulation.

Men's Grooming Kits

Men's grooming kits can consist of a multitude of products. Be sure to purchase a kit that includes hydrating and cleansing products for your skin. You'll also want to include grooming tools such as a razor, and beard maintenance products to promote beard health.

For more information on men's health, browse our grooming kits today!