Beard Oil


Did you know that 33% of men in the United States alone have a beard? When you're growing a beard, you will surely have the goal of wanting it to look as full and healthy as possible. But the problem is that when many men grow beards, especially long beards, those beards start to look quite dull and scraggly. 

Why might this be and what can you do to get a fuller and shinier beard? The solution has to do with keeping your beard moisturized with beard oil because your natural beard oils aren't strong enough for the job. Keep reading and learn more about how to keep your beard full and healthy with beard oil for men. 

What Is Beard Oil?

Beard oils are very similar to leave-in conditioners, although the ingredients are slightly different. A beard growth oil is usually made out of carrier oils such as sunflower or coconut oil. It is then mixed with more fragrant ingredients including essential oils which may include cedar or sandalwood oil.

Beard oil aims to restore moisture to your beard. Your beard can produce its own moisture to a certain extent in the form of sebum. Sebum is an oil that naturally moisturizes your face and hair. 

The problem is that sebum is not very strong and you can end up washing it away with soap and hot water. When you do this, the skin under your beard will become dry as well as your beard itself. Of course, you can't go without washing your beard or face which is why the best beard oil for men is the perfect solution. 

But what does beard oil do exactly? The goal of beard oil is to restore moisture to your beard. Not only that but the oil also provides nutrients to your beard and the skin under your beard so the hairs can continue to grow healthily. If you find that your beard hairs are brittle, dry, and break apart easily, that's a good sign that your beard isn't getting the right nutrients it needs.

By providing it with moisture and by using beard oil every so often, you will start to see noticeable changes in your beard. The hairs will not only become softer to the touch but stronger as well so they won't break so easily. Your beard will also look shinier and more moisturized than before which can contribute to its fullness.

The Benefits of Beard Oil

There are more benefits of beard oil that go beyond making your beard shinier and softer. Beard oil can also fix many beard-related problems. For example, many men complain about itchy beards, especially when they are first growing out their beards. Scratching your beard all the time is a bad idea because you might end up pulling out some beard hairs without even realizing it. 

If you do this often enough, your beard might start to look patchy and scraggly. But fortunately, since beard oil is calming, it can help with this problem. The blend of oils in beard oil is very soothing both to the skin under your beard and the beard itself. 

After all, an itchy beard is usually due to the fact that the skin under your beard is dry. After using beard oil for a few days, you will notice that your itchy beard will no longer be a problem. 

Another problem that many men have is beard dandruff. Everyone is familiar with regular dandruff on the head, but what about beard dandruff? Beard dandruff results when there is a buildup of skin underneath your beard and the excess skin is trying to flake and release itself. 

To fix this problem, you will first need to exfoliate your beard. You can do this by using a brush or a rag and massaging the skin under your beard in the shower. This should remove most of the excess skin under there and you shouldn't deal with as much flaking. 

But you can't exfoliate your beard without then moisturizing it. Otherwise, the skin under your beard might become dry and it might become itchy and flaky again. So, after you exfoliate, don't forget to moisturize your beard with beard oil. 

Beard Oil vs Balm

When it comes to beard oil vs balm, many people think that the two products are exactly the same, but they're not. As mentioned before, beard oil is a blend of carrier oils and essential oils. As such, beard oil is a liquid.

On the other hand, beard balm is thicker and more like the consistency of butter. That's because it is made with other ingredients, usually hard butter such as cocoa butter or shea butter. While beard oils and balms are both beneficial for your beard, some men may prefer one product over the other. 

For example, beard oil provides a very nice, light addition of moisture to your beard and skin. This can make it so your beard doesn't feel heavy or greasy. Beard balm is heavier and thicker so it is better for deep moisturizing but some men might not like the thick, heavy feel that it gives their beards. 

But no matter what product you choose, your beard will become healthier and more moisturized. 

Everything You Need to Know About Beard Oil

Every man who has a beard should invest in beard oil for a variety of reasons. Beard oil not only can make your beard healthier and shinier but it can also stop beard itch and beard dandruff. That way, your beard can always look its best.

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